Amelia Biewald

Amelia Biewald works with a wide variety of materials creating intricate paintings and sculptural works which culminate into large multi-textural installations. She mingles fact and fiction to recreate fables or intrigues where myth, custom, history and science converge. She has received several artist awards, residencies and fellowships for her work including the Skowhegan School Of Painting and Sculpture, a Bush Artist Fellowship, a Jerome Artist Fellowship, and a MN State Arts Board Award.



Ilona Golovina

Ilona Golovina is a New York based artist with a background in photo journalism, primarily working with analog photography and hand printing. Her work focuses on self reflection and explores the relationships in her inner circle. She studied art at British School of Art and Design in Moscow and Creative Practices in Photography at International Center of Photography in New York.



Katie Hector

Katie Hector is an artists, independent curator, and critical writer living and working in New York City. She has worked to organize and fundraise a variety of projects which include an international exhibition in 2017, multiple collaborative and environmental installations, and over two dozen group shows, screenings, pop up events, and panel discussions.



Janet Rutkowski

Janet Rutkowski is a native New Yorker. Her career in sculpture with a focus on metalwork has gone full circle over the past thirty five years. Early explorations in abstraction led her to functional and site-specific sculptures for architectural projects. Currently she has returned to the abstract form with new large scale works. Throughout the years Janet has been active organizing and curating exhibitions.

“ Art is an unfounded religion with the power of transformation. Transformation of the mundane into the divine.”