John Paradiso
Proceed With Caution, 2019
Collage quilt, found images printed on cotton fabric, 3 mil caution tape, cotton fabric pansies, on wood panels
52″ x 52″ (composed of 25 individual 10 x 10 inch panels)


Tom Hill
Blossom, 2020
Mixed media on wooden shadow box
16.5″ x 13″


Morgan Boecher
Chicken Heart Issue 5, 2020
Illustration laser-printed on paper
8.5″ x 11″ (12 panels)




The Rainbow Filter

June 4th – July 4th, 2021

Curated by David Gorman

The Royal @ RSOAA is pleased to present The Rainbow Filter, a group exhibition featuring artists John Paradiso, Tom Hill and Morgan Boecher.

Since the Stonewall Riots of 1969, June often commemorates the recognition and reflection of the LGBTQIA+ experience. While this presence and impact on social institutions have existed throughout human existence, Pride Month gives open space to contemplate the notions of sexuality and desire, relationships, gender identity and almost every dimension of humanity.

The Rainbow Filter at RSOAA’s The Royal opens the door to every LGBTQIA+ self-definition through art, as well as the creativity of non-LGBTQIA+ people who see and experience their narratives.