Jason Clay Lewis

Jason Clay Lewis

Jason Clay Lewis is an artist and the Director of The Royal @ The Royal Society of American Art in Brooklyn, New York where his is responsibilities include the day to day running of the RSOAA studios. His years of experience as an artist and art professional working in and around the New York art world has allowed him to present multiple one man shows both nationally and internationally.


Tianlan Deng (AKA: Tian)

Tianlan Deng (Tian) is a business partner of The Royal Society of American Art (RSOAA). He sits on the committee of RSOAA’s open calls and is responsible for The Royal List. Due to Tian’s connection to the real estate industry, the Royal List brings commission opportunities to the artists. The platform collects and displays more than a thousand artists’ profiles.

Tian is an artist, interior designer, and art consultant. His artwork involves text-based installation, projected media, architectural design, and traditional Asian painting. He is the grand-winning commissioned artist by Gatton College of Business and Economics (USA) for its Atrium Glass Wall Design. As an interior designer, Tian has finished hospitality, cooperation, and residential projects. He has built decent connections with vendors and reliable GCs (general contractors). Due to his mixed background in fine art and interior design, Tian also offers Art consulting for various hotel, office and residential spaces.


Sato Yamamoto

Gallery and Social Media Coordinator
Sato is a Japanese artist inspired by culture and diversity. Born in Meguro, Tokyo – living in New York since 2013. Her unique style of art includes advanced ambidextrous and printmaking skills, that she perfected during her time in New York. Upon moving to New York, she noticed the vast diversity and fell in love with the multicultural tones of the city. New York changed her perspective of art.