I ART New York interviews The Royal Society of American Art

Izabela and Rebecca interview one of its founders, Jason Clay Lewis, and two partner curators, Amelia Biewald, and Janet Rutkowski. Lewis, Biewald, and Rutkowski discuss exhibitions at the RSOAA’s gallery,The Royal, the history of the development of the RSOAA, and their personal artistic and curatorial processes. Additionally, Lewis reveals the RSOAA’s newest endeavor launching this month; a free and open artists’ registry with the aim of creating The Royal List an online platform for artists. The intro track is “1969” by the band American Nomads from their new single and the outro is their track titled “A Revelation’s Gonna Come”.

RG Magazine spotlight on Janet Rutkowski

Janet Rutkowski featured in RG magazine:

Art can be produced in so many various mediums there is no limit to what someone can do. From painting to welding the possibilities are endless. For the general public they rarely equate art outside of painting and drawing. Yet there are those who have been privy to the amazing work of sculpture using all types of materials. Artists like Janet Rutkowski have offered the public a taste of that type of art. Her love of art began in her early 20’s during her years at the High School of Art and Design in NYC. There she studied drawing, painting, fashion illustration, and advertising.”

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Two Pop Ups

The Time it Takes, is the Time We Spend

Sunday, March 31st 6 – 9 PM

This collection of solo performances explores the human body as the subject for a creative practice as well as a change agent for unpacking notions of status, identity, and politics with performances by Doménica GarciaZelene Pineda Suchilt, and Angeli.



Wednesday, April 3rd 6 – 9 PM

The Royal is pleased to present: HIGHLINE, the new sun/optical collection by Russian eyewear brand, FAKOSHIMA. Please join us for the NYC launch and meet with its creator, Konstantin Shiliaev. Photo installation and collaboration with Mark Aghatise Bogdan Shirokov.

Puppies and Flowers

“Puppies and Flowers” Group Exhibition

March 5th ­ March 31st, 2019
Opening reception Friday, March 8th, 7 ­ 9 PM

The Royal is pleased to present, Puppies and Flowers a group exhibition curated by Katie  Hector which features the work of Jenn Dierdorf, Dominique Fung, Delphine Hennelly,  Katarina Janeckova, Tess Michalik, Aliza Morell, and Mark Zubrovich. This collection of paintings reimagines historically “domestic” subjects in order to reveal a contemporary unvarnished reality.

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The Royal @ RSOAA

Exciting things are coming to The Royal Gallery at RSOAA (www.rsoaa.com). We will be having regular shows and events starting this spring. Visit rsoaa.com for more information.

About the Royal Society of American Art

The Royal Society of American Art has a unique position in being an independent, privately funded institution led by eminent artists whose purpose is to promote the creation, enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts through studio space and exhibitions.